Every Season

Whether you have been dating for two months or married for sixty years, this is a season to be celebrated. I want to document you and your relationship exactly as you are right now – your silly quirks, inside jokes, and the way you two fit perfectly in each other’s arms.


You keep growing as a couple. Over time your love will grow into something new and different, and memories of this time in your life will begin to fade. But, when you look back on your photos, the memories of what it feels like to be connected at this moment will come flooding back.

  • Inclusivity is a TOP priority for me, and every size, shape, color, and orientation are WELCOME here.
  • Through my chill and relaxed process, I’ll guide you through the entire process and help you feel relaxed, and comfortable.
  • Lastly, you are not just a number to me. Even though I may have shot hundreds of sessions, this is a new experience for you and I’m here to help you have a good experience.

Step 01

You can see that my work is a little non-traditional. It’s not about everything being perfect—it’s about your connection and your love being documented.

It’s so important to choose a photographer that has work that emulates photos you want for yourself.

Step 02

Fill out the contact form and tell me about you and your person! Where is your favorite place to spend time together—at home or in your backyard, walking to your favorite pond, or ice cream shop, camping at the lake—let’s hear it! What are you envisioning for your photos together?

Step 03

We will find the perfect date and time... You’ll receive an email with a confirmation invoice. Once your deposit is paid your date is officially BOOKED!

ARE YOU ENGAGED? Congratulations! If you're looking for a Wedding Photographer visit my INVESTMENT page for wedding packages.


How much does an engagement photo session cost?

Prices for engagement sessions range from $200 and up. You choose the amount of time you'd like to shoot, and the price forms to your choice. Contact me for details.

What if we book our wedding with you?

There is a package that includes engagement photos!