Baby, you're a work of art

My artistic portrait sessions are a unique blend of art, exploration and raw storytelling. Every single session is unique. Shot and edited to create a whole universe about YOU. Nothing is too creative ... crazy ... weird. Let's create a narrative that is powerful, vulnerable and real.

  • Through my chill and relaxed process, I’ll guide you through the entire process and help you feel relaxed, and comfortable.
  • Lastly, you are not just a number to me. Even though I may have shot hundreds of sessions, this is a new experience for you and I’m here to help you have a good experience.

Step 01

You can see that my work is a little non-traditional. It's extremely versatile and fluid. I work with YOU to make art that you love.

It’s so important to choose a photographer that has work that emulates photos you want for yourself.

Step 02

Fill out the contact form and tell me about you and your artistic vision. What inspires you? Music? Nature? Love? We work together to create a mood board and clear vision for wardrobe, colours etc.

Step 03

We will find the perfect location, date and time... You’ll receive an email with a confirmation invoice. Once your deposit is paid your date is officially BOOKED!